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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Work injuries are some of the most difficult both physically and emotionally.  One minute, you are a dedicated employee who shows up for work and does your job.  The next, you’re at the emergency room facing medical bills, lost wages, and a long road to recovery.  If you have suffered a work injury, we are sorry you’re going through this and we are committed to helping you move past this challenging time.

Types of Work Injuries

Our legal team has decades of experience handling both simple and complex workers’ compensation claims.  This includes representing individuals and families in cases involving:

  • Scaffolding, roof, and ladder falls
  • Equipment and machinery injuries
  • Car and truck accidents
  • Falling boxes, debri, and merchandise
  • Electrocution and shock
  • Chemical burns and exposure
  • Fires and explosions
  • Repetitive and overexertion injuries

It is important to understand that many factors affect the timing and duration of workers’ comp benefits as well as the amount of financial compensation. This is why it is so critical to have an experienced work injury attorney representing you at all phases of the recovery and legal process.

What To Do After a Work Injury

As with nearly all legal matters, what you do after the unfortunate event can have a serious impact on the success of your claim.  For most our clients, we recommend getting the very best medical treatment possible.  (If you’re having problems with your employer’s preferred health care professionals, we can help.)  Second, keep records the best you can regarding your treatment and conversations with your employer.  And last, accept a free consultation from our office.  We will take time to listen to you about exactly what happened, how it has affected you, and your goals moving forward.  Our workers’ compensation attorney, Bill Stemberger, will also lay out all of your options and devise a strategy to maximize your financial recovery and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.  But most importantly, don’t delay.  The sooner you take action to protect your rights, the better chance you have of success throughout the process.  Please contact our office at 770-253-0913 to talk with an experienced member of our legal team.

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