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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Whether it involves a car, truck, motor home, ATV, boat, or motorcycle, serious vehicle collisions happen suddenly and have lasting effects on victims and families.  In addition, crash victims are often bombarded with lawyer advertisements, each claiming they can get the most money out of the at-fault driver or their insurance company.  The truth, however, is that there is often much more to recovering from a serious car accident than simply getting paid.  Injury victims need medical care, repairs to damaged property, arrangements made with their employer, and help with a number of other challenging situations that were created by one unfortunate event.

Experienced Legal Representation

For more than three decades, attorney Bill Stemberger and his skilled team have been helping motor vehicle accident victims fully recover from tragic events and put their lives back together.  How that is accomplished in each case is different based on a number of factors including the:

  • Severity of injuries
  • Extent of property damage
  • Availability of insurance policy proceeds
  • Type of vehicles/drivers involved (e.g. car or boat, individual or business)
  • Percent of fault between drivers
  • Location of collision
  • Roadway and weather conditions
  • Client’s financial circumstances

The very best legal representation for clients involved in a car wreck requires a customized approach that looks at all factors that will impact the timing and amount of financial compensation as well as the issues mentioned above.  It also includes compassion for those impacted an understanding that this is the most important issue in their lives at the time.

Next Steps After a Car Accident

If you or a friend or family member has been involved in a motor vehicle collision, don’t give up and don’t delay contacting a top-rated attorney.  There are strict restrictions on when a claim for compensation may be made, and there are other advantages to having legal counsel working on your behalf.  Stemberger Law, LLC offers a free consultation with no obligation during which we would provide you with a complete assessment of your case.  Please contact our team today at 770-253-0913 to start the healing process and path back to a normal and healthy life.

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